November 28 UC Regents meetings - November 28 UC Regents meetings

November 28 UC Regents meetings

The rescheduled bi-monthly meeting of the UC Regents

The rescheduled bi monthly meeting - November 28 UC Regents meetings

The November 16th meeting of the UC Regents was rescheduled for the 28th November 2011 and was held by teleconference which included conference calls from UCSF-Mission Bay Community Centre San Francisco, Activities and Recreation Centre Ballroom, Davis campus, James West Alumni Centre, Los Angeles campus Kolligian Library and Merced campus.


The minutes of the meeting

The minutes of the meeting - November 28 UC Regents meetings

All of the records for the Regents of the University of California are kept at the “Office of the Secretary of the Regents” and have been since the year 1868 to present day. You can read the open sessions of the meeting at the following website:

The issues over the hike in fees were addressed by a student of the university and how into her now the second year at the university she had already experienced a 40% increase in fees which equated to $4000 more a year.  She went on to discuss how this negatively effects parents who start to save for their children’s college funds for years only to come up short due to these hefty increases.

Another student, raised the issue of the budget transparency in that the income from sales like the UC bookstores and apparel was not readily available but restricted access only and why it is not being used for funding of fundamental academics.  The questions were raised as to how this revenue was being allocated and the actual cost of an undergraduate education was.

It was stated by an unidentified student that education was not a privilege but a right that everyone should have access to.

One UCSD student a campus senator for the Associated Students of UCSD was advocating the provision of funds to aid undocumented students who pay into the universities financial aid system but have yet to actually be allocated financial aid.  This was an urge for the university’s support for the DREAM Act.

  • Finally, the effects of the universities fee hike over 2011 were having on the middle-class to low-income students who attend UC. Due to the hefty fee increases over that year, many students were forced to drop out as they were unable to sustain the increase in their education fees.


The increase in education fees has been felt across the nation for colleges, universities and even schools where cutbacks in budgets have forced the education department to layoff necessary teachers, aids and various faculty members causing a serious void in facilities that were once offered and overcrowding of classrooms.


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