An open letter from the Associated Students president addressing future tuition increases - An open letter from the Associated Students president addressing future tuition increases!

An open letter from the Associated Students president addressing future tuition increases!

Tuition Fee hike for the fall of 2017

In an open letter from the AS President delivered dire news to students of the University of California in that due to a shortfall of around $169 million the universities Board of Trustees will be discussing the possibilities of a fee hike to balance out the shortfall.

The AS Presidents open letter to the Caltech students

On the 31st October 2016, an open letter addressed to the students of the University of California addressed the issues of budget deficits which could be a potential for fee hikes.
The letter showed a summary of the possible fee hike for the average Undergraduates annual tuition fees.

The letter went on to lay out what initiatives were being put into place in order to advocate as to why yet another increase in tuition fees would have a negative impact on students.
Some of these initiatives, as laid out in the letter were:

  • Host a phone-banking session during on the 28th November 2016 for a couple of hours where students could contact Governor Brown’s office and the state legislatures offices to request the full funding of CSU.
  • To get all the student bodies mobilized to collect full accounts from all the students they represent on how the hike in fees will affect them. These stories would be shared with the state legislature.
  • Town hall meeting to further inform students of the on the potential fee increases and have a questions and answers session.

These lobbying efforts are in the hopes of getting full funding for CSU from the state in order for the CSU system to live up to their prideful standards of affordable, accessible and high education standards and to predominantly keep it that way.

Administrators and student bodies continue to fight to keep tuition fees down, making this one of their top priorities in order for everyone to gain fair, equal and affordable tuition of the best quality.
Caltech’s budgets of past years and that for 2018 can be found at the following link:

These budgets show the estimated costs of student attendances which include both that of tuition and the cost of campus living expenses, of which there are several different variations of costings for campus-based living expenses.



As the economy gets tighter so the cost of fees will continue to rise in order to help alleviate some these costs all students should take an interest in their various supporting groups and movements working hard to try and find a balance for everyone.


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