Overview of the Refund Californias statement on the UC meeting cancellation of 2011 - Overview of the Refund California’s statement on the UC meeting cancellation of 2011

Overview of the Refund California’s statement on the UC meeting cancellation of 2011

Refund California concerns that UC Regents would meet behind closed doors

Protestors gathered amidst loud demonstrations in November of 2011 expressing their concerns that the UC Regents were planning to approve their 2012 budgets by teleconference and behind closed doors in light of the demonstration!


The UC Regents meeting for the 2012 budget proposal

With disregard to the protests going on outside their meeting rooms the CSU trustee voted in a 9% tuition fee increase for the university to start in the fall of 2012.

Whilst this vote was being taken CSU police were violently clashing with the protestors, protesting against the fee hike.  The CSU police allegedly use batons and dispersed pepper spray upon the crowd.

One of the glass doors into the building was shattered as protestors tried to gain access to the building only to be pushed back by the CSU police.  One officer and four protestors involved were hospitalized with injuries whilst three others were arrested.

Anger prevailed within the student body as students felt that the board of trustees totally disregarded the students right to be included in the meeting and their concerns and demands were not heard.

Along with the fact that the board of trustees rescinded their early provision that stated should the state come through with at least an amount of $138 million for CSU, there would be no hike in the tuition fees.

The trusted voted for $471 million from the state for the following year amidst the disruption of the meeting by the students inside and outside forcing the police to clear the room and leaving the trustees to meet by themselves behind closed doors.

A doctoral student from UCLA who was able to attend the meeting to persuade the trustees to sign the pledge called the tuition increase “basically a tax on students”!  He later confirmed seeing police use pepper spray on the crowd of protestors outside the meeting.

This was the second time within that year that the trustees had raised the tuitions fees for California State University students.



Concerns still remain over the ever-increasing hike in tuition fees and the impact it is starting to have on the higher education of students in today’s economy.  As more and more students a feeling the financial strain and burden on both them and their families some are being forced to drop out of university altogether.
We all need to stand together in order to pave the way for better educational funding for the sake of the education of future generations.

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