Make Banks Pay California’s Resources

We have put together some handy resources that we feel could be of benefit to our readers.  These come from some of the top Financial, Banking, Trading and Tax sites from around the world, the USA with emphasis on information from California.


Best Tax Web Resources for California and the USA

Here are some links to websites that are a valuable source of information with regards to tax structure and laws in California and the USA.


#1        CalTax – California Taxpayers Association

CalTax was originally founded in 1926 and are one of the States oldest, largest and most informative taxpayer’s associations in California.  The website has a lot of useful links, guides, resources, contact and legal information to support all of your tax questions and queries.
Tax Facts Page:

#2           IRS – Internal Revenue Services for the USA
IRS website has a host of information every working/tax paying American should be aware of.   This website not only has valuable guides and downloaded documents but a whole lot of handy tax and finance tools.  It also has all the contact information a person may require, legal and civil rights information.
Tax Code Regulations Page:

#3  – the USA and Global Legal Resource was founded in 1995 and is a network of a large number of independent law firms which offer consumers, businesses and other legal professions a freely accessible source of legal information, lawyers directories and online help with various legal matters.
Guide to Taxation Law Page:



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