The refund California Pledge - The refund California Pledge

The refund California Pledge

What is the refund California pledge?

The pledge was for political, corporate and educational leaders to commit to doing everything in their power to help get various financial and Wall Street corporations along with the very wealthy to pay their share for essential public services.


The growing “Occupy Wall Street movement”

Student and educator’s representatives joined together to call for a week of action to “Refund Public Education” to get the UC Regents, CSU Trustees and various corporate and political leaders to sign the “Refund California Pledge”
The pledge was that these leaders would do everything in their power to get Wall Street and the wealthy to pay their fair share for affordable and necessary services and equitable education from preschool to post-doctoral education.

They pledged to support:

  • Closing Proposition 13’s corporate property tax loophole
  • To reduce the underwater mortgage debt to Wall Street in an effort to improve the economy
  • A federal sales tax to be implemented on Wall Street financial transactions
  • Reversing tuition increases and cuts to jobs, public education and essential services to ensure stable jobs with healthcare and a good retirement
  • Increasing wealthy Californian’s income taxes


As some food for thought but statistics point to California having very high taxes a fact that has not acted in favour of the state’s business climate making it rank near the bottom of favorable business climates in the USA.

To join in the cause you can go to the websites of ACCE Action, ACCE Institutes and Refund California.  All the contact information and registrations can be found on their websites along with other helpful resources, tools and advice

You can read the pledge at the following link:

And find a copy of the pledge form at the following web link:

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